Developer Services

Your reputation is everything. We understand that a seamless transition from Developer to Strata Corporation creates and maintains a positive Developer image, which informs your future projects and drives sales.

With a diverse portfolio under management, ranging from a small-town home building, to 400+ unit mixed-use/air space parcel developments, we can assist with establishing a site of any size or complexity.


We work with your team to understand your project goals and objectives. The information is then used to help formulate an operating budget capable of sustaining your vision.

We understand that a competitive budget is essential for driving sales, and actively work with you and your marketing team to create an operating budget that meets your operational and marketing goals.


We understand that quality site staff and vendors are integral to successful building operations. We exclusively utilize vendors with a proven new building startup record. This process facilitates a smooth move-in/key handover and plays an integral factor in interim budget cost controls.


We work with your team to facilitate beneficial possessions dates and expedited first annual general meetings, thereby limiting expenses and reducing interim budget exposures.

We actively educate new owners and council members, helping them understand each parties’ responsibilities which helps foster a positive and collaborative work relationship. The process helps drive a positive deficiency resolution process as new owners are better aware of HPA Limits and Exclusions.

As a locally owned and operated Strata and Rental Management company we understand the intricacies associated with developing Rental, Strata and/or mixed-use developments. Throughout the entire development process our senior team is at your disposal to provide guidance and/or last minutes adjustments/revisions.

Contact us today for a no obligations development services assessment and no obligations management proposal.