Richmond is on Canada’s Pacific Coast, on the mainland of British Columbia. It consists of a series of islands nested in the mouth of the Fraser River, in proximity to Vancouver and the United States border. 

Richmond’s population was estimated at 230,548 in 2022, with 60% of the overall population comprised of immigrants, the highest percentage in the entire country. With 73% of the population boasting Asian heritage, Richmond is known for the continent’s largest Asian night market and the best Chinese food outside of China. 

The 2021 City of Richmond Housing Needs Report has noted that the housing demand in Richmond has grown from 1,200 occupied units per year from 2006-2016 to about 1,800 occupied units per year from 2016-2026. Once dominated by single-family housing, Richmond has changed drastically in the past 15 years, with condo units comprising 68% of housing units completed between 1990-2020. 

Richmond’s 2041 Community Plan calls for the city to become a more sustainable community, with a vibrant downtown, connected neighbourhoods, island shorelines, open spaces, and protected/productive agricultural lands.  

Korecki Real Estate Services is a locally owned and operated Rental Management company. The company was established in Richmond, B.C., in 2009, relocating to Downtown Vancouver in 2019.

Korecki Real Estate Services continues to maintain and grow our Richmond Rental Management portfolio and has the experience, local staffing, and digital management solutions required to ensure smooth and proficient operations of your Richmond rental condo or investment property. 

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