Coquitlam forms one of the 21 municipalities comprising Metro Vancouver and is the sixth-largest city in the province, with a population of 148,625, according to the 2021 census. Coquitlam’s name is derived from the Kwikwetlem of Central Coast Salish and means “small red salmon”; the term refers to salmon that once swam up Coquitlam Rive to spawn in Coquitlam Lake.  

Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam were the two faster-growing communities in the Tri-City area. In total, the city registered 14,447 housing starts between 2010 to 2020 or an average of 1,400 units per year. In addition, Coquitlam has seen a net increase of 6,962 units in high-rise apartment buildings, including Coquitlam rental condos, over this time frame. 

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