Rental Management Services

Korecki Real Estate Services is a locally owned and operated Rental Management Company. Technology and online accessibility form the backbone of our operations, with a personal touch and direct communication remaining at the forefront. We administer all building operations from our Vancouver office and pride ourselves on providing the same business days responses to all inquiries.

Please see below a brief outline of our services and operating procedures.


Accurate record-keeping and understanding of building operations are crucial to any successful transition. Therefore, the Transitions Team works closely with all stakeholders to index new rental records and implement standard operating procedures. The process facilitates a smooth transition and forms a basis for continued building operations.


As a future-ready, paperless company, we utilize a suite of products to ensure timely access to information, collaborative team communications, and tracking of ongoing tasks and directives.

Yardi Voyager Yardi Voyager

Using Yardi Voyager, an industry-leading accounting and rental management software, we consolidate our accounting, operations, and maintenance management on a mobile online platform.


Using our custom-built rental management platform, we provide owners with online access to all property records including budget breakdowns and maintenance calendars.

Using project management software, we track all ongoing building objectives and owner directives. Thereby ensuring continuity of work regardless of vacations and absences. Slack

Using Slack messaging, our team harnesses the power of a hivemind. From internal communications to advice on operational issues and after-hours emergencies, team members draw on the expertise of the entire organization day or night. Microsoft Sharepoint

Using Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Workflows, we ensure the accurate filing of property records and workflows for all document types. From tenant repair request, to invoice approvals and contract filing, we have the required workflows to ensure proper compliance and oversight. CLOUDS, PHONES & VPN’s

As a fully digital company, we utilize cloud storage, VOIP phones, and VPN network access. These services allow our team to work seamlessly from home or the office while providing our senior team with top-level oversight. Security

Data security is our top priority. All data is stored within Canada and encrypted at industry standards. Our network infrastructure is designed and managed by local professionals who continuously monitor it for threats and intrusions.

Standard Operating Procedures

No two rental properties are alike, but they are all bound by: The Residential Tenancy Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, the Real Estate Services Act, and the ever-evolving Civil Resolution Tribunal/Supreme Court of BC decisions. As a management company, we have developed rigorous operating procedures ensuring that our clients comply with the individual acts and provisions.

All repetitive and standard administrative/accounting tasks have natural workflows, eliminating the need for owner reminders or follow-ups. The process provides a stress-free management experience with the expertise guidance of our Agents.

Trades & Service Providers

We understand current labor markets and work with local arms-length vendors. We are utilizing economies of scale to obtain the best-priced quality vendors/services while adhering to regimented screening and bidding processes to secure multiple bids wherever possible.

Emergency Response

We guarantee a 24/7 15-minute response time to building or unit emergencies, provided by our local on-call Agents. The Agents are skilled at determining the severity of emergencies and dispatching necessary vendors. In addition, the Agents utilize building/unit-specific info sheets to dispatch trades and connect to our entire workforce through our internal slack messaging service.

We understand that changing management companies is a significant decision, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can improve your property operations.

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